Thursday, October 30, 2014

BEST All Time Halloween Traditions to Partake in This Year!

Halloween is a childhood favorite, and over the years one tends to develop habitual Halloween traditions. 


1. You are never too old to go Trick or Treating! 

Too old to Trick or Treat

On second thought, it may look a little weird to see a 27 year old asking for candy... Be sure to bring a child 

2. Wear the most outrageous thing you own and call it a costume

Outrageous halloween costumes
Is that you Heidi Klum?

Always wondered what you would look like with purple hair or as a goth? Now is the time to try. 

3. Party Time! 

Costume Party for Halloween Dancing

This holiday is one of the best excuses to throw (or go) to an awesome costume party! Themes galore!!!

4. Scare yourself to the point that you have to sleep with the lights on for the next 3 months with a night full of scary movies. Here is a link to a list of some Halloween movie classics

Halloween Movie Classics

5. Haunted house or grave yard visits

Halloween Haunted House Tradition

Pay to allow strangers in horrific costumes to creep out around corners, scream at the top of their lungs, and act mentally unwell to get a reaction out of you. 


Candy Corn and Eyeball chocolate

This one will definitely take you back to your childhood. Halloween is one day a year you have an excuse to stuff your face with delicious green chocolate or candy corn! Here is a link for our health conscious friends for a healthy alternative to traditional Halloween sugar highs. 

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