Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Searching For Your Next Apartment Home (That You Haven't Thought of Yet)

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Looking for a new apartment and moving can be a hard time. It is important to get organized and plan ahead to keep it as seamless and easy as possible. Through our many years of experience, we have come up with a list of commonly overlooked questions that arise when its too late in the apartment search process. Take the following "what to look for" checklist on your next hunt: 

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The Arbors at Wolf Pen Creek Apartments in College Station, TX

1. The Devil Is In The Details

What does the property look like from the outside? Many properties neglect to take care of minor things like the parking paint or the weeds in the bushes... It is important to notice every detail that would in theory be very easy to fix becuase if they wont sweat the small stuff, then they won't sweat your requests. Our properties take great care in every detail that most people wouldn't even notice!
2. Where is your apartment going to be in relation to the community?
If you have pets, are you near any open grass areas to take them for a walk? If you don't have W/D connections are you by the clothes care center? Is it easy to explain to friends if you like to entertain? It is important to consider what means the most to you, where you can compromise and where you can't. 
3. Meet your future neighbors
San Antonio Apartments
Altamonte Apartments in San Antonio, TX

Establishing a great first impression is a wonderful start to moving into your new home. It is important to respectfully consider that these people will be your neighbors for the term of your lease and have a friendly start. That way if you have any issues in the future, you won't have a problem asking them for a cup of sugar.
4. Test all the outlets
Bring a socket tester and test all of the outlets in the apartment. The management will most likely be more than glad to see you do this, because that way if you run into any problems, they can be immediately addressed.
5. Make a Phone Call
Check for cell reception in your apartment and in the common areas. If you don't plan on having a home phone, it is important to take this measure. Perhaps even consider doing a quick search for what internet providers work in that area and see if it'll be enough for your digital needs. 
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Coronado Trails Apartments in El Paso, TX

Your home is arguably the most important setting you spend your time. At our apartment home communities, we make your comfort a very high priority. Our properties are family owned and managed, and we have the highest standards of quality and integrity. You can feel comfortable renting with us and calling one of our communities home. 
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