Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Clean The Things Everyone Always Forgets to Clean #NewYearCleaning

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I'm always more motivated to deep clean in January than I am in the spring. While I always clean the big things, like closets, these eight quick project ideas are a good reminder that small stuff counts too.
  1. If you haven't cleaned your lamp shades recently (or ever), here's a smart, one-minute tip from The Creek Line House.
  2. Rid your stylish coffee mugs of unstylish coffee stains with this baking soda recipe from DIY Cleaning Products.
  3. Make this the year you start actually sterilizing your kitchen sponges. Here's one quick way to do it from The Kitchn.
  4. I've never cleaned my mattress past a simple vacuuming, but this lavender & baking soda recipe from Make It Do is a great idea.
  5. My bathroom faucets are currently sparkling, thanks to the paper towel & vinegar trick in the post from Plumber Surplus.
  6. Right now, I use baking soda and vinegar to clean my garbage disposal, but I want to try these genius Lemon Vinegar Ice Cubes.
  7. If you have baskets that look a bit dusty, try this tutorial from eHow on how to properly clean them.
  8. If you keep meaning to clean your humidifier, but haven't done it, you should. It may be gross now, but it will be sparkling after you do the steps in thisApartment Therapy post.

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