Friday, August 24, 2018

Best Date Night Spots in Frisco

Frisco went from a suburb north of Dallas to its own unique, bustling city. The fastest growing city in America for much of the 2000s, Frisco went from a place simply to live to a place to explore and enjoy. With tons of restaurants, unique entertainment destinations, and shopping, people who live in Frisco will never be bored. One of the things you might not know about Frisco is that it’s a great destination for date night. Our team at The Civic at Frisco Square has put together a few great ideas on some of the best date night spots in Frisco.
We have put together a couple perfect date night ideas that you can enjoy just minutes away from The Civic at Frisco Square.

The Couple That Competes Together
A friendly rivalry is a great start to a romance (at least according to a million different rom-coms), and if you’re one of the couples that loves to enjoy some friendly competition, we’ve put together the perfect date night for you.
Your night starts out with something different at, within walking distance of The Civic. If the name didn’t tip you off, this new hotspot does food and drinks a little differently. Food options range from chef specialties like the chicken fried steak to traditional staples with a gamer twist burgers and flatbreads. It’s also a well-known fact that nerds know cocktails, and the drink menu incorporates the restaurant’s gamer heritage with some inventive concoctions. What makes @nerdvana special is the unique atmosphere: this destination is a hotspot for gaming. With virtually any meal, you’ll be handed a controller and access to an extensive library of games, from retro classics to modern day hits. TVs also are tuned to the biggest names in gaming streaming their own gameplay. It’s like if nerds ran a sports bar, and the result is better than you can imagine!
After finishing up your main course and with your controller fingers warmed up, it’s time for round two of your date night competition. Decide who is the best gamer at Strikz, a boutique bowling alley. On top of pristine lanes and a fun atmosphere, Strikz offers a full drink menu and a delicious assortment of snacks. If you strike out on bowling (not in the good way), you can continue the gaming competition at the arcade or shoot some pool in the billiards room.

Foodies’ Night Out
You don’t have to go to downtown Dallas to find great food. Frisco is a food lovers paradise, and our team at The Civic has put together a few highlights for an unforgettable date night so tasty you’ll be asking for seconds.
If you want a pre-dinner date spot and a nice destination to have some conversation, Eight|11 is the epitome of cozy and romantic. The unique wine bar and kitchen located in downtown Frisco—and only a few minutes away from The Civic at Frisco Square—gives couples an opportunity to get their palate warmed up while imbibing on a wide selection of wine, craft beers, and cocktails. Depending on the night, you’ll also be treated to live music.
After a romantic start to your evening, it’s time for the main course. While there are tons of options, we chose Trattoria al Giardino for several reasons. For one, it serves up authentic Italian cuisine that’s always fresh and delicious. While the menu changes depending on the season, one thing is certain: an evening of great, homemade pasta, a glass of wine, and fresh ingredients. The other reason we chose Trattoria al Giardino is the charming atmosphere. The spot captures the feel of Italy, and if it’s the right season, you can enjoy the outdoor patio and discover the true meaning of “la bella note.” Between the fresh food and atmosphere, you’ll swear that you’re overseas at an authentic trattoria.

A Touchdown
If you’re in Texas, you have an embarrassment of sports teams to choose from. Chances are, you and your date have a favorite team, and if you share a common love, this date night is for you. If you’re a house divided, though—well, we can’t help you there!
Start your night off at The Star, a multipurpose complex and home to the Dallas Cowboys Corporate Headquarters. If you’re a Cowboys fan, you should consider the VIP Guided Tours and explore the facilities where players train 355 days a year and work. If you don’t care so much about football, you can also enjoy some great shopping. If you want a sweet treat with your sweetheart, swing by the Cow Tipping Creamery. The ice cream shop serves delicious soft serve with unique flavors and toppings. Regardless if you choose to start your night out with a treat or simply some fabulous shopping, the Star is a great place to start your evening.
From football to a different kind of football, continue your date night by catching an FC Dallas game. The team, which plays in Toyota Stadium, is highly accomplished, and the fanbase for the team has steadily grown over the years. If you’ve never witnessed a soccer game in real life, it’s an event worth experiencing. Soccer matches take place from spring through the fall, and with an exceptional team, North Texas fans have a lot to be excited about.
Once you are done at the game (or if you’re in the off-season), we recommend the Frisco Bar. A favorite destination for locals wanting to catch the big game or enjoy a few drinks, the Frisco is everything you want in a sports bar: solid food, a wide selection of drinks, and a fun environment. If you and your date share the same love of sports, cheer on your favorite team and hope for overtime, extra innings, or, at the very least, a second date!
Frisco offers nearly an endless amount of options for date night, and almost as many places to live. However, those who know the area know that The Civic at Frisco Square is the perfection combination of amenities, location and style. Residents enjoy granite countertops throughout the apartment, stainless steel appliances, and spacious rooms, all while being just a beat away from the pulse of Frisco and the rest of the Dallas metroplex. The community also offers a movie theater, pet park, and a two-tier resort style pool with water features. As Frisco continues to grow and add even more fun date night options, you will find living at The Civic at Frisco Square to get better every year.

The Civic offers studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments. Discover what it’s like to live in luxury in one of the hottest locations outside of Dallas. If you’re interested in learning more about our apartments or to find out availability, contact us online.


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