Friday, June 29, 2018

Ways to Enjoy Your Apartment's Pool this Summer

Summer is here, and the cool, cerulean tranquility of your apartment’s pool beckons. While any day at the pool is a good day, there are certain ways you can make sure you’re making the most of your time. Follow a few tips, and you’ll get the maximum enjoyment from every moment spent lounging in or around the pool.

·         Beat the crowd and get to the pool early. Swimming is more fun when you don’t have to fight the crowds. Get there early enough, and you’ll have your pick of tables and lounge chairs. Not a morning person? The crowds often thin in the late afternoon, so that might be a good time to go, as well.
·         Use sun sense. Make sure you slather on water-resistant sunscreen: and keep putting it on every couple of hours. Skip the burning hours in the middle of the day, when sun exposure is at its peak. Instead, hit the pool early, then take a break at midday to go inside and regroup. Afterward, you can head back down for some late afternoon fun.
·         Play it safe.
o   Make sure any children with you are well acquainted with the pool rules.
o   The adults, too, should know and follow the rules, taking care to obey “no diving” signs. Never bring glass to a communal pool.
o   Learn CPR, and keep a close eye on kids, even if they’re proficient swimmers or have flotation devices.
o   Look out storms, too. Summer storms can pop up in a flash, and you should be prepared to take cover when they do.
·         Gather your gear, so there’s no going back. Nothing spoils a day at the pool more than having to trek back up to the apartment for supplies. Before you head down to the water, make sure you have:
o   Sunscreen
o   Towels
o   Plenty to drink, so no one gets dehydrated
o   Snacks to carry you through the morning
o   A hat and sunglasses for each person
o   Floaties and pool toys for the kids
o   Something to read, if you’re by yourself
o   Goggles for anyone with sensitive eyes
o   Water shoes for anyone with sensitive feet
·         Plan a summer party with a theme to make your gathering even more fun. Fire up the grill or bring down a picnic, but make it festive by incorporating a theme like:
o   Luau: Leis for your guests, grass skirts around the tables, and tropical fruit on skewers will make any poolside party feel like a tropical paradise.
o   All American: Everything red, white and blue will bring out the patriot in you and all your guests. Serve watermelon and grill burgers and dogs to make it feel like a nostalgic 4th of July party.
o   70s Glam: Bright colors and groovy patterns will liven up your space, and serving fun 70s favorites like meatballs and piῆa-coladas can make it feel authentic.
o   Fun Fiesta: A sombrero for a centerpiece, chips and salsa for snacking, and margaritas for the adults can make your party sing.
o   Beachy poolside: Beachballs to bat about, shells on the table, and colorful beach towels for lounging will make pool time feel like a day at the beach. Beach picnicking is easy, too: Just bring some sandwiches and your favorite canned drinks.
o   Dusky Delight: Plan your pool party at the end of the day, and watch the sunset over the pool, as lanterns and candles flicker on your table and you sip wine with your guests.
·         Be respectful of neighbors. Limit the number of guests you bring, and make sure your noise levels are reasonable. Keep a close watch on children, and make sure everyone is following the pool rules, including those pertaining to hygiene. And even if you’re tremendously proud of your bikini body, be mindful of others around you, and save the skimpy swimwear for an adult-oriented resort.
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